Medlar Cheese

medlar cheeseSo I also made some medlar cheese which is the medlar version of membrillo, or quince cheese. NO membrillo here as we have yet to have a single quince from the quince tree.

I poured it into fancy-ish moulds and also a bread tin lined with clingfilm – the latter is the way to go – it is hard getting the cheese out of the fancy moulds.

medlar cheese moulds

Maybe if I had cooked it for longer it would be more solid and would come out easier – who knows. I will try again next year.


You need medlars and sugar for this recipe – that is it.

Take your bletted medlars and squish out all the insides into a sieve. Push the pulp through the sieve. This takes forever and is very hard work. I gave up using my flour sieve and moved on to the honey strainer – this was slightly easier.

sieving medalrs for cheese

Eventually when you get bored sieving medlar pulp stop. Weigh the pulp and add it with the same weight in sugar to a large saucepan.

weighing the pulp

It needs to be large as you want to try and reduce the chance of boiling hot pulp splattering on your skin. Gradually heat and then simmer very gently. It will bubble and pop and burn like crazy. I stirred constantly with my arms covered.

cooking the cheese

Eventually it will start to thicken – when it is so thick it won’t fall off a spoon you can stop. I may have stopped slightly earlier as I was really bored and my arms hurt from stirring. Slop into greased moulds – or a bread tin lined with clingfilm and leave to set over night. You can eat this with cheese or in recipes – I am trying one right now – will let you know how it goes tomorrow……

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