He’s back and he’s been busy

ram and ewes2The lovely Jacob ram came back to visit on Monday and within minutes he had got busy. This was what greeted me on Tuesday morning…..

ram and ewes

So it looks like four of our ewes will be lambing on 1st May 2016 – just in time for the first May bank-holiday. So come down to St Margaret’s Campsite for our own version of Lambing Live none of the organisation and a lot more chaos and squeaking.

Will update you on when the other four ewes get tupped.

ram and ewes3

Yes, we have put him with eight ewes. That is a potential of sixteen lambs next May – I must be crazy.


Why are we lambing so late you may ask …. well it has to be after teaching finishes. I reckon I can combine marking at home with lambing duties. I could make a nice cosy corner in the lambing shed to sit with my computer!

eweN.B. note new ear tag – Andrew showed me how to ear-tag our sheep at the weekend so now I feel OK about doing it myself. Of course it will take me a lot longer, but I am slowly learning this shepherding malarcky.

N.B. I really hope teaching has finished by this time …. oh no I need to go and check.


3 responses to “He’s back and he’s been busy

  1. Why is the ‘teaching’ finishing in May? Are you giving it up to concentrate on life on the campsite and home?
    I used to help with the lambing up the road here a few years back but not done any since.
    Your Ram seems to have been busy, lets hope he keeps up the good work for you all, 😉

    • I lecture at university and the teaching part of the semester finishes by May and we move into assessment. I will be mainly marking, doing admin and writing from May onwards – these are all easier to do at home and cat fit around checking on the odd lamb 🙂 Can’t give up the day job at the moment – and I quite like it anyway so will carry on with my double life for a bit longer.

      It must have been fun helping with the lambing. My first time was last year and it was quite a learning curve – hoping it will be less terrifying next time.

  2. Ahh yes the lighter load for staff but heavier for students… Our lighter time doesn’t really begin until the end of June once the English and Maths GCSE’s are over. 😉

    I do wonder whether I’d like to give it up and find something else to do but I’ll have to stay where I am for now. So like you I’ll double up for a while longer.

    When I helped out with the lambing it seemed an endless task of water duties for the orphaned/neglected lambs who’d been partnered up with another ewe. Also the ewe’s who had triplets came inside too. There were hundreds of them! I’d go round the fields in the truck helping to pick up new ones in the day or any that might have died. They have a few thousand sheep. Tags were fitted and rubber bands – the list is endless as you know.

    Hard work but very rewarding!

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