Confused Alpacas and Chickens

alpacas easting chicken foodAlpacas eating chicken food

laying chickensHens laying in the alpaca shelter in the alpaca hay

And now Juniper keeping lookout while Inky Dinky Do and Peanut sneak in and eat chicken food in the chicken palace!

IMG_9764Thank goodness it is Saturday.

8 responses to “Confused Alpacas and Chickens

      • This morning I went and a told the Ladies (hens) off for standing on the outside table. I thought they’ve never done that before. Then I had to do it again, this time I realised why. The guests staying in the holiday cottage were feeding them crumbs on the table. I want sure whether to be cross or smile. 😉

      • Campers often feed our hens and they learn so quickly where to get food from. it is kind of cute, but also annoying as not everyone wants chickens mugging them for food!

  1. Apparently they don’t realize that if you are standing right there watching and taking photos then its really not sneaking!! Too funny!!

    • I snuck up on them – I had been feeding the pigs I think and I wondered where they had got to. Once they saw me Juniper looked shocked and Peanut tried to back out of the chicken palace in a speedy but nonchalant manner.

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