Leftover creme de cassis cake

cake2I made this cake last night when I was exhausted from catching, killing, moving and butchering chickens in the pouring rain and slimy mud (yes, it appears slaughter Sunday is back on the calendar at least for a few weeks). We ate half of it to cheer our selves up …. and then we ate some more for breakfast today in bed.

This cake makes things better.

The fruit component in this cake is the slightly alcoholic blackcurrants leftover from making Creme de Cassis. It would be good too to use Creme de Cassis as the liquor in the cake but as I am still making mine this will have to wait until next year – I used very old sloe gin that I found at the back of the cupboard instead.

This is an adaption of a cake from Dan Lepard Short and Sweet (156). You can use any kind of fruit and alcohol – but the blackcurrant thing is good. The fruit is nice and sharp (as the sugar gets added later in the whole cassis making adventure) …. I digress


Creme de Cassis Cake: 100g butter; 150g caster sugar; 2 eggs; 150g of so of blackcurrants that you have used to make Creme de Cassis; 150g plain or slef-raising flour (if you use sf just use a little less baking powder – this is a homely, Sunday night kind of cake and it is very forgiving); 1.5 tsp baking powder; 25ml of creme de cassis or other liquor.

Beat the butter, sugar and 1 egg together for about 3 minutes in a food mixer. Add the other egg and beat for another minute or two. Toss the blackcurrants in a bowl with the flour and baking powder and then sieve the flour into a separate bowl. Add a third of the flour to the egg-butter mix. Stir in the creme de cassis and then beat in the rest of the flour.

Line a bread tin with baking parchment. Add half the cake mix to the tin. Sprinkle over half of the blackcurrants. Add the rest of the cake mix and top with the remaining blackcurrants. Squish it down a bit, but not too much.

Bake for at least 40 minutes in an oven at 170C until a knife pushed in comes out clean.  This is very very good warm.

slices of cake

N.B. If I hadn’t been so exhausted there would have been decidedly average photos of me making the cake but it took all my energy just to focus on making the thing.


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