Slaughter Sunday and the Best Chicken Soup

soup in a bowlOn Sunday we decided to kill the remaining Ixworth cockerels and the two last Ixworth/Naked Neck crosses. I wanted to move the Ixworths away from the Pear Garden that the ducks have turned, or rather churned into a complete mud-fest and have them in the pig field …. yeah yeah I have my reasons.

Anyway, I don’t want to get distracted by Ixworth tales right now, today is all about this amazing soup.

We killed the chickens (two were frozen whole and two jointed).

whole chickenHere is one of the Ixworth/Naked Neck crosses – the massive cockerel – he was a lovely bird, but I want to breed Ixworths at the moment – oh and Naked Necks – the crosses were just an experiment.

Yeah, I can’t be bothered to meticulously pluck every feather – it doesn’t matter as he will be roasted and eaten with friends.

I snaffled the hearts fried with a dash of balsamic as usual and then I made stock.


I then stripped the meat from the carcass I used to make the stock so I could feed it to my dog later as a reward at the end of a three-hour old track I laid for him – I hate to waste anything and he did very well with the tracking.


I wanted to make a good chicken soup so I looked to see if Dana at I’ve Got Cake   had a receipe and she did –   this one.  This soup is my new favourite thing. It is so good I am going round eyeing up chickens to kill so I can make more – actually I have a freezer full of chicken so I should be fine for a while.


The idea about cooking the noodles separately and adding them to your bowl before serving was sheer genius. How have I got this old and not known to do this? Adding the smoked paprika and sriracha was also fantastic – I am so totally smug that I actually had sriracha in my fridge.

I did add some lemon juice at the end – I like lemon juice in soup – it is a hangover from living in Turkey and the lovely lentil soup with lemon.

KaleChicken and Vegetable Soup: three chicken thighs; chicken stock (loads); a huge amount of chopped veggies (I already had carrot, leek and celery from the garden chopped in the fridge but I did venture to the garden to get some cavolo nero and I am glad I did); garlic; juice of one lemon or two; sriracha or other chilli sauce, 1tsp (or more?) of smoked paprika; olive oil; cooked noodles to serve.

Gently fry the chopped veggies in some olive oil in a big pot

soup veggiesPut the veggies in a bowl and slosh some more oil in the pan. Fry the chicken thighs until a bit brown.

chicken thighs

Cover with stock and poach until done – or a bit underdone as they will cook more in the soup. Once cooked and cooled strip the meat from the thighs.

cooked meatPut the meat and veggies in the pan with the stock. Add sriracha, smoked paprika and kale and then season to taste. Cook for a bit while you make some noodles – I have been using rice noodles as this is what it looked like Dana was using – I am such a copycat. Add lemon juice and serve

pan of soup

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