Cabbage and Kohlrabi salad with Japanese Dressing

saladJust a quick one today as Slaughter Sunday has stretched into Slaughter Monday which is coinciding with Deadline Monday as I will finish the Ottoman diplomacy article today and send it off – because I really have to move on with editing the Lure of the Other book that has already seen its deadline sneak past.

We eat a lot of cabbage salads in the winter. If I knew how to effectively link posts in a cute way (i.e. with a little picture) I would do it, but my computer skills are rudimentary so you will just have to click here for an alternative Ottolenghi cabbage and kohlarabi salad with lemon and mint.

Is this salad better? – I don’t know – it makes a change though and I will be making it again and again until all the kohlrabi and red cabbages have been eaten.


Cabbage and Kohlrabi Salad with Japanese Dressing: red and white cabbage (shredded), kohlrabi (grated); cashew nuts and pine nuts toasted (you could use other types of nuts); some coriander (chopped); for the dressing 1 tbs each of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar, 1 tsp each of honey and soy sauce and a good amount (maybe 1 tbs – I just guessed) of yuzu juice – to taste (I found a bottle of it stashed in my cupboard that I had obviously picked up a long time ago from Waitrose. I imagine lime or lemon juice would work equally well.

Mix the salad ingredients together in a bowl. Mix the dressing ingredients together.  Mix dressing into salad and chill until needed.

We ate all of this. I had it with the same ribs I have been eating for weeks (see here for recipe and for another cabbage salad recipe!) and James had it with sausages in a bun.

cabbage salad

5 responses to “Cabbage and Kohlrabi salad with Japanese Dressing

  1. This sounds and looks delicious! I have everything bar the sesame oil though I’d probably use lemon as the substitute too. I think it would be a good fresh accompaniment with anything over the festive period.

    Now all I need to do is copy the recipe down…

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