The River Alde

dead treeTo finish off 2015 I went with a walk with friends along the River Alde from Snape in the direction of Iken Church. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was stunning.

trees and reeds

The dog bounced around.

Kainaat runningWe walked through the reed beds on a raised boardwalk

Kerry and HollyreedaJude and JeffWe played in the water

playing in the waterAnd yes, Holly and I took a kitten each along – why wouldn’t you take a kitten toy on a walk on such a lovely day? As you can see mine was staying safe in my pocket.

usThen we went for a fabulous lunch at The Crown in Snape. They rear their own sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. They were the first people who encouraged us to keep pigs and that is how our smallholding adventure started. The photos I took of the food were rubbish so no pictures.

At dusk we walked on Shingle Street before heading home for fizzy and a selection of nibbly bits: blinis with home-smoked salmon; home-made ham hock terrine; feta and melon bites; melon wrapped in home-cured, home-raised prosciutto; home-smoked prawns; and sausage rolls made with Oxford, Sandy and Black minced pork.

NYE snacksIt was a great end to the year.

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