Garden Revolutions

harvestIf I did New Year resolutions this would be mine – to post more about my garden. I have realised that gardening always gets sidelined here.

I know why this is. It isn’t because I don’t work in my garden I do, and it is productive. It provides pretty much all our fruit and vegetables all year round – yeah yeah apart from the lemons and bananas, but I am finding it hard to give these lovelies up.

However, I don’t work in my garden that much, I do the minimum and that means it doesn’t always look very good. There are weeds – a lot of weeds, and the plants don’t grow in straight lines. I also tend to take photos with my phone, when it is nearly dark, and when the camera and I am covered in mud, so they generally look rubbish.

However, I shall make more of an effort. As I would like to show how on just a few of hours a week you can actually grow enough food all year round – you won’t have a pretty garden but it will be productive.

So here goes. The above photo was my harvest from today. The last of the carrots and some brussels, the last two (double) celery plants and 6 celeriac. I am really pleased about the celeriac as it is the first time I have successfully grown some despite a number of attempts – perseverance works!


I harvested these as we are clearing the fruit cage out in preparation for the new strawberry structure. James and Henry built the fruit cage over my existing vegetable beds (see here) but before we can transform it into a paradise for fruit, the last veggies, weeds and existing fruit plants need to be cleared out.

overgrown fruit cage

Some months ago now I cleared out all the gooseberry bushes and established a gooseberry garden by the side of the house. I also dug up all the strawberry plants in this area and popped them into growbags for safe keeping.

Our first idea for low maintenance strawberry beds didn’t work out. We strung  fence wire between the posts, tensioned it and then balanced grow bags on it.

strawberry beds

You can guess what happened can’t you? The forces from the tensioned wire started to pull the fruit cage inwards – uh oh – back to the drawing board.

We now have a scheme that involves drainpipes, but today we just cleared out the area of weeds and covered it all in black plastic. I forgot to post a photo – maybe in next week’s update.

carrots and brussels

The celery and small carrots will be minced and frozen to use in soups later in the winter. I have lots of little carrots as I couldn’t be bothered to thin out my carrots – I will rectify this next year! The large carrots will be roasted with some squash and used in this salad.

cleaned celeriac

After gazing lovingly at the celeriac for a while I will probably make a remoulade from some and maybe a gratin from the others.

celery and celeriac

The brussels are going in this raw brussel and apple salad for tonight’s dinner and possibly tomorrow as well.


4 responses to “Garden Revolutions

    • Some work, but not as much as you would think. I keep promising to spend all weekend working on my garden, but realistically dog training, campsite stuff, other smallholding chores all take over so the time left for the garden is minimal – which explains why there is always such a long ‘to do’ list.

    • I have decided to jot down the hours I spend working in the garden – although as we have some huge garden projects for this year it might be more than I planned for – we will see.

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