Squash and Kale Soup

soup2When I made my squash and coconut soup a couple of weeks ago (see here) I felt pretty smug and was sure nothing could beat it, particularly nothing with kale in it. However, as I had a lot of squash to use up and in the interests of having a somewhat varied diet I thought I would try another squash soup …. just to compare …. but I didn’t think it would be better.

It was better, lots better. It doesn’t look like much, but it tastes fantastic.

pan of soup

The recipe is from Dana – her blog is rapidly becoming one of my favourite places to while away time when I should be a.) editing, b.) marking, c.) planning a new MA module or d.) writing.

I digress – her recipe can be found here, mine is not that different – I might have added some chilli and I didn’t put any meat in it (although I did use up some of the chicken stock ice mountain that is in my freezer at the moment as a consequence of all the slaughter Sundays). I also used normal onion as I didn’t have any spring onions and wasn’t about to go to a shop. But really it is pretty much the same, only my photos aren’t as good.


Squash and Kale Soup: lots of squash cut into bite-sized chunks; quite a bit of kale squashed into a pint jug (I used cavolo nero but it makes no difference); bit of minced ginger; a chopped chilli; lots of home-made chicken stock (you could use vegetable stock and then it would be vegan), onion, some celery (not crucial but I had it lying about), oil, seasoning.

Heat the oil in a pan and gently fry the onion, celery and ginger. Add in the squash and push it about for a bit.

squash and onion2

Then add in the stock, chilli and kale and simmer until it is done. Season to taste.


N.B. I have made this twice, although the second time the squash and the stock had possibly been lying about for a little too long and it wasn’t quite as nice – the motto of this story is: use fresh stuff.

8 responses to “Squash and Kale Soup

  1. Dawww, thank you!!
    I’m so happy you’re enjoying my blog, lord know you are going back into the archives honey! I always wince when I read my old shit.
    So to see that you’re enjoying it and KILLING AT THESE RECIPES by the way, makes me very very happy 😀 😀

  2. After the fabulous chicken soup (and the amazing roasted chicken with bread stuffing) I am going to eat your archives. Your “old shit” is really good – I love it.

  3. nice to find a use for kale. We get too much from a vegetable delivery box (not having enough of our own vegetables to keep us going) and my heart sinks when I see it. I’ll try your soup and see if that works

    • we grow and thus eat quite a bit of kale. It is in the warm squash salad I posted about and you can make kale pesto as well – although I haven’t done this yet, I will soon. We also have it cooked with chickpeas and sometimes a little chorizo, in lasagne, tarts, braised with meatballs and stock etc if you search for kale on the blog a few recipes come up.

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