Raw Fed Dog

Hearts2I love heart – I love it roasted and sliced in a salad with pickled walnuts in a ‘not quite as good’ St John’s style.

I also love my dog. This time he got the hearts from our OSB pigs.

I am keeping the lambs’ hearts for me though …. all for me.

Kainaat eats a raw diet – he eats bones, carcass, skin etc from our animals with some minced up veggies from the smallholding and eggs – a lot of eggs – especially in the winter when we have quite a few spare and no campers to buy them.

See here for where we get our dog food from …. not from the shop (hee hee)

Anyway, for training he needs special rewards – a biscuit isn’t going to motivate him, not when he eats so well.

Don't these look lovely, I wish I had kept them for me.

Don’t these look lovely, I wish I had kept them for me.


So I roasted the hearts and then when they were cool I chopped them into small cubes. I don’t want sloppy raw heart in my pocket when training.

diced heart

And now we are using them to help improve his retrieve and heelwork.

Kainaat with dumbellN.B. Actually he has to work for his dinner too – currently he is tracking and finding his meal at the end of each track.

4 responses to “Raw Fed Dog

  1. Post the eggs to us! Thank you for the ones that arrived with the turkey. We saved them for Christmas morning. Tony scrambled them with butter and cream and spread loads of butter on our toast. He added salmon to his and Nathans. We had a campsite feel to Christmas morning.
    Anyways, I’ve never got round to eating heart. Tony says it’s lovely and I will do it one day. Yours just look like you added a little oil and wrapped them in tin foil. Can you over cook them? Any herbs go well depending on the animal? Sorry lots of questions at once 🙂
    And a delayed Happy New Year!

    • As the heart was for the dog, I just put it on foil (to make the pan easier to clean) and shoved it in the oven. If they were for me, I would not roast them so long, would season them and maybe drizzle a little oil on top. These hearts were overcooked – I like the pieces to be firm as I keep them in my pocket sometimes. I have made stuffed lambs’ hearts before – these were lovely – I will look out the recipe.

      Glad you liked the eggs – the hens are laying extremely well at the moment. March is coming up really quickly – see you soon x

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