Celery Gratin

cooked gratinI picked the last of the celery at the weekend to make way for strawberry world. I minced most of the celery  with carrots also dug up and froze them to use as soup bases later in the winter, but I kept one head of celery back to make a gratin with.

It was an easy one pan dinner and was delicious – I wish I had kept more of the celery.

celeryClean and chop the celery before you start – in our case this means make sure there are no little worms or slugs present – yuk, but part of the whole organic thing we do here.

The ingredient amounts are a bit vague as I didn’t measure it and  I don’t feel like being specific today!

Celery Gratin: celery, cream (100-150ml maybe more), chicken stock (250ml or maybe more), breadcrumbs, walnuts, handful of Parmesan, olive oil.

Slowly cook the celery in a little oil in a wide pan (that has a lid). Add the stock, cover and braise until the celery is cooked – remove lid to reduce stock to just a little, if there is too much there.

braised celery

Add in the cream – not too much, just enough.

celery and cream

Mix the breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan and chopped walnuts together and sprinkle on top of the creamy celery.

breadcrumbs on celeryBake in an oven until brown.

gratin and cabbage

We had this with braised red cabbage (see here for recipe) as we are currently entering the red cabbage time of the year.

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