Bawdsey – again

boatsI should go to Bawdsey Ferry more, it is beautiful and only 10 minutes away by car. We did our usual trip there over the holidays with our friends and it was lovely.

Bawdsey boatsWe walked down to the sea – Bawdsey Ferry is on the mouth of the River Deben where it meets the sea.

Felixstow ferry

We clambered over the metal sea defences – there is nothing like rusty metal and a long drop as a lure!

climbingHolly jumped on shingle much to the delight of Kainaat who dug furiously, to the delight of Holly.

Holly and Kainaat

And then, as the tide was coming in we decided to walk back along the shore by the huge metal beach defences to the carpark as there was a chance of getting wet – and our trips to the sea often involve walking on shingle, cheating the tide and getting wet (see here for last year’s very wet exploits and the treacherous tides of Shingle Street)



We weren’t worried, but Kainaat wasn’t hugely impressed

tide coming inand was relieved when he got to the main beach


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