litter“It won’t hurt anyone. And anyway, someone will pick it up, or it will biodegrade”

It might seem innocuous – just a wooden skewer someone threw on the ground on our campsite, one evening long ago in the summer, while having a BBQ.

Except it didn’t biodegrade and we didn’t see it hidden in the grass until Kainaat ran over it yesterday and it went straight through his paw – skewered.


I think it did hurt Kainaat –  it went up through his pad and out of his toe. James had to pull it out.

Dropping litter hurts in often quite unexpected ways.

Please don’t leave rubbish – not on our campsite or anywhere else.


9 responses to “Litter

  1. OUCHY!! hope it heals and he stays healthy. I’ve seen some wicked infections in humans from things like that. Take care.

    • I am bathing it in very very salty water a few times and day and checking for infection. I can find the exit point but not the entry point. So far it all looks OK

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