Eating from the Smallholding

what we ateThis is what we had for dinner last week. In addition to the veggies I harvested last weekend, I also picked some kale, leeks and a leftover bit of cabbage (thank you lambs!)

We had celery gratin with braised red cabbage (this was fabulous and I now wish I had more celery)

gratin and cabbageWild rice, quinoa, dried lime, coriander and roasted squash salad with a bit of feta (this is a bit of a staple in our house – I like it better with no cheese)

wild rice and quinoaRoasted squash, carrot and cavolo nero salad with the last of the Caerphilly (we’ve had this 4 times in the last 4 weeks)

Squash, carrot and kale saladSpaghetti with tomato sauce from the freezer and some homemade oven-dried tomatoes and a brussel, almond and apple salad (how did I cope with winter salads before George and Tina shared this with me?)

spaghetti and saladFriday, I got home late from London and so there were emergency chicken enchiladas with refried beans and tomatillo salsa from the freezer (I got the chicken out of the freezer for James’ sandwiches thinking it was a bit of leftover cooked chicken …. it wasn’t)

tortillasThen there was a rather nice pork cheek stew that used up the dregs of some bottles of red wine and nearly the last of the carrots – with bubble and squeak (I have been keeping pork cheeks for guancialeΒ  but actually I prefer pancetta so cheeks are going into stews from now on)

pork cheek stewAnd on Sunday a Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall recipe for roast squash, bits of leftover gammon (from the freezer) and marmalade. We had it with the cabbage I rescued from the lambs with butter.

squash and hamRecipes for the HF-W recipe and the stew will be up here soon.

Yes, we are eating a lot of squash – the butternuts were going squishy – as we still have a lot of other squash left I predict more squash diners –Β  and cabbage ….. although not as much cabbage as I had hoped for … wretched lambs.

N.B. All meat and veggies from the smallholding, coriander courtesy of Kerry – thank you.

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