Do Sheep Eat Leeks?

sheep and leeksThere is a lot of nice grass around the hugelkultur where the polytunnel will go one day. The lambs are out of grass. I wanted to let them eat this nice lush grass but didn’t really want to have to move all the hurdles. The only vegetables on my hugelkultur are currently leeks and some delicious cabbages that are growing under hoops, protected by enviromesh.

This is how nice my cabbages were…

cabbageSo do sheep eat leeks?

hugelkultur and lambs

Well they nibbled one

eaten leekThey also stomped all over the hugelkultur eating the clover (which is fine), but then I found out that they had done this …..

eaten cabbageThey knocked over the hoops (made from water pipe) removed the enviromesh and ate all (but one) of my gorgeous cabbages. I am gutted.

Oh well, I hear that it is nearly time for a new semester to start at university and the wethers will be definitely going, tuition fees be damned!

N.B. Yes, I should have seen it coming, but sometimes you just have to shove your hand in the fire just to see for yourself that it is hot.

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