Squash, Ham and Marmalade

ham and squashA quick recipe when you have no time, have lots of squash and a bit of leftover gammon in the fridge or freezer. I have wanted to make this for ages, but have had to wait for the squash. Well now they are here and we are slowly getting through them.

I was having a clear out, or rather an organising, of our freezers – we have a lot of freezers – no really we do have a lot. We have five large upright ones, a small one inside and the little campsite one (but we can only use that in the winter). We have one for veggies from the garden that I have frozen and meals I made earlier; one for dog food – more like two at the moment as it is full of chicken carcass and bones from pigs. One for  the meat we sell. And another two that hold meat for us and stock – we have a freezer basically full of stock and blood – possibly I get carried away with the no waste policy at times. Anyway, I was sorting them out and listing all their contents when I found these leftover remnants of a ham I cooked some time ago. I think it is from the Large Black pigs which shows how old it is. It still tasted delicious though.

I don’t make marmalade as we don’t grow oranges, but I have lovely friends who do make it and generous give me jars of it.


Recipe is from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall’s Three Good Things.

Gammon, Squash and Marmalade: these three things, some oil and seasoning.

Cut squash into wedges, drizzle over a generous amount of oil, season and roast. When nearly done add in chunks of leftover gammon and some marmalade – mix to coat – and cook a little longer.

We had it with steamed cabbage (that I rescued from a half-eaten cabbage thoughtfully left by the lambs) and butter

squash and ham


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