January Garden

rhubarb2So here is another update about my vegetable garden.The rhubarb is starting to grow again. By the time I finish all the stored apples there should be (hopefully) some rhubarb. This year I am definitely making rhubarb schnapps with it.

Other than that the beetroot is still in the ground waiting patiently

beetrootOn the hugelkultur the leeks escaped being eaten by the sheep


Down the side of the house where the meso-American garden was last year I have planted my gooseberry garden – why yes, I do think I will need hundreds of kilos of gooseberries in the future!

gooseberry gardenAt the end, before the raspberries are my winter vegetables covered with enviromesh to protect them from pigeons: the last of the brussels, some kale, cavolo nero and the first indication of purple sprouting broccoli


I haven’t really done any work in it over the past couple of weeks as I haven’t been feeling very well and keep getting breathless. I did cut back the raspberries at the side of the house, but they still need to be weeded and mulched and posts and wires added in. More importantly the rotten fence needs to be dismantled and all the stinging nettles removed. Maybe in a few weeks time……

raspberries and the side of the houseI have cleared out the coldframe, but shall we not talk about the two greenhouses….

coldframeYou can see that all around the coldframe is black plastic – this is how I weed. I have no time for weeding – I barely have enough time to plant seeds and shove them in the ground – things have to be easy if you are going to grow your own fruit and vegetables on just a few hours a week. So once I harvest  (or more realistically when I get round to it some time after harvesting) I cover the ground with black plastic or weedblock and only uncover it when I am ready to plant. Sometimes I just make a hole and plant into it. This works for me at the moment although I would prefer to protect and nourish the ground with green manures instead. I have been experimenting with these on the hugelkultur but as yet don’t have much experience with it.

7 responses to “January Garden

  1. Hope you feel better soon Clare your socks are work in progress hopefully ready for the cold weather 😊 keep warm loving the garden updates x

      • I’m improving gradually and using the time to catch up with knitting and crochet projects (including your socks) would you like your socks eau naturelle or I can dye them your colour of choice (as near as possible that is!)

  2. Hope it’s nothing too serious. There is an awful dose going around here and we are all down sick.
    I got a book for Christmas about no-dig gardening. Am really liking it. A lot to do with the fact that there’s less work involved for the same or slightly more results. It may be an idea to look into for you as well.

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