Eating from the Smallholding (2)

KaleThis week was mainly a kale, potato and leftovers kind of week with quite a few meals I had made earlier and stashed in the freezer.

There was leftover mashed potato mixed with kale from the pork stew last week so I made fish pie with the last of the carrots, even more kale and some smoked haddock I found stashed in one of our freezers when I was going through them. It was fabulous, probably because of the entire pot of double cream I used to make a quick sauce for the fish.

Fish PieThen we had leftover, leftover mash (and more kale) as bubble and squeak with poached eggs. I had a massive piece of black pudding (again found in the back of the freezer) which was delicious, but possibly a bit too much. I need to defrost some of the litres and litres of blood I have in the freezer and make some more of this deliciousness – it will also free up some freezer space for the lambs when they get back from ‘university’!

black puddingWednesday I was at work in London all day and didn’t get back until 9pm. I grabbed a random tuperware from the freezer and it turned out to be squash and bean soup/stew leftover from Daisy Dog Day. Rubbish photo as I was so dog tired.

soupSpent all day Thursday furiously reading, reading, reading with no time to cook so got from the freezer the fabulous Ottolenghi Winter Vegetable Stew that I had made in large quantities a few weeks ago for just such an occasion. It doesn’t look like much but it is the bestest and it is vegan – see here for recipe.


On Friday we went on holiday and I drove to Somerset – needed something easy for dinner so we had some of the pork stew I had frozen from last weekend with bread.

pork stewSaturday and Sunday involved really long walks in the Quantock Hills and the lunch in this lovely pub. I had venison steak with creamed leeks and dauphinoise potatoes. I asked for the venison to be rare and it was – it was very very good. So good I had it the next day too – also they had run out of local river Exe mussels.

venisonI don’t really eat meat that we haven’t raised – venison is an exception if I am somewhere where it is local and wild. The Quantock Hills are full of deer so I reckoned it would be good to eat.

N.B. sorry about the rubbish photos.

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