Fossil Hunting

view out to seaOn Sunday, just before dark when the tide was low and the air was full of drizzle, the dog and I went fossil hunting on Kilve beach.

tower of stoneIt was a grey winter day but there is something starkly beautiful about such days.

At low tide at Kilve these strange rock formations are revealed stretching quite far out to sea – they look like great wrought paving slabs that have been buckled by an known force.

curving rocks

Apparently, so the internet said, the best place to find fossils is at the low tide point, but of course I was already determined to walk as far out as I could – this just gave me another reason to do so.

out to sea

I love the liminality of the foreshore, something I have opined about before at length (here and here). Land that is and isn’t; the revealed and the hidden.

Kainaat out on the rocks

Kainaat isn’t so keen. He is a dog. He likes things to be clear cut; black and white; land or water. He clearly didn’t particularly want to be clambering about on these strange rocks in the gloaming half light, but he is a faithful friend and he doggedly followed me out to the furthest rocks and then barked in a somewhat disapproving manner with his most serious face.


I looked for fossils and Kainaat whined.

rocks out to see

I don’t have the eye for finding amber or shark’s teeth or fossils. But that’s OK as I am more interested in the search than the finding; the journey than the arriving;  the doing than the having.


So we started to wander back towards East Qunatoxhead and along the beach nearer the high tide mark.

dog and curving stone

Suddenly, out of the blue, there it was a magnificent fossil. it was huge. I squeaked, Kainaat sighed.

fossil and mitten

I know the photo looks like I found a mitten and positioned it next to a fossil so you would know it was a regular-sized mitten and not a mini one, but really it was the other way around!

We left the fossil there so others could find it too …. and yes it was way too big for me to move, but that was besides the point.


4 responses to “Fossil Hunting

  1. Looks fantastic! We’ve been fossil hunting on the coast of Dorset but never seen a fossil that big! Kai looks lovely, hope his paw is better now xx

    • I would love to go to Dorset one day. Thank you for asking about Kainaat’s paw. It seems to be OK now. I took him to the vet a week ago and he had some antibiotics just in case.

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