walking2We are very unadventurous on holiday: we walk, eat lunch in a pub, walk, sleep – repeat. It is lovely. Often I walk with James, but sometimes I walk just with the dog as we like walking more than James does.


Last Sunday we all decided on a walk up the Quantock Hills. It was a nice day and quite warm. We walked up onto the Great Road and then across the spine of some of the hills.


It was busy with cyclists and walkers. I am not used to seeing other people when I walk back home. We were having a great time, the dog was bopping about, James was looking forward to a burger for lunch, I was enjoying being outside.

me and dog on hillsThen the mist came down. Not a problem, we had a map.

the mistwalking into the mistWe were heading for Frog Hill and Frog Combe – because why wouldn’t you? We walked and walked and walked across the hills in the mist, Suddenly we hit a lane. We had gone to far and were at Dead Woman’s Ditch – not an auspicious sign for the map reader!

After a longish diversion through some Tolkienesque woods we found our way back on track.


The mist lifted and found ourselves walking through Holford Combe.

stream and path

All the combes seem to have streams running through them – it is very wet here in the west compared to us over in the east.

streamWe jumped and splashed in the water a bit, but we were getting late for lunch so couldn’t dawdle too much. I kept having Walking Dead scenes flash through my head!

us and streamsAnyway we were both getting hungry and even Kainaat’s enthusiasm was flagging slightly. We were nearly at the magical secret garden when we managed to get lost again. We were really late for lunch – the pub was going to stop serving very soon … this time it wasn’t so funny. The purposeful striding we started out with had turned to foot dragging and despair – yes we can both be a little melodramatic when it comes to being late for lunch! Everywhere looked the same, nothing looked remotely like the map and the wretched mist had come back.

And then as if by magic, we took one more right turn and found a path that looked familiar from our walk the day before. We were home and the pub was still serving beer and food.

N.B. No photos from this last bit as we had to save up our energy

N.B. more on the magical secret garden tomorrow


2 responses to “Walking

  1. Beautiful photographs! I have a good chunk of British blood, as so many of us in NZ do, and whenever I see photos of the countryside (mist and mud and all) I definitely feel the pull. One day I will need an extended holiday in rural Britain.

    • Thank you. If you do come for an extended holiday to Britain – come and say hello. One day I would love to visit NZ. I have been to Australia a few times as I have family there – would like to visit again but it is a long way and we now have a campsite and lots of animals so it is a bit tricky.

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