The Secret Garden

doorWhat would you do if you came across a door like this in a wall surrounded by some somewhat dilapidated stone out buildings?

Of course, you would go through it ….. so we did.

secret garden door

And it led to an amazing, abandoned walled garden. I squeaked and James got it right when he said this was my ideal place.

secret garden

How much fun it would be to bring such a garden back to life. There were arched doors set in all four walls.

trained fruit treessecret garden raspberry support

Trained trees around the edges, posts ready for raspberries, water points and what could be the most wonderful cold frames with the addition of some glass.

secret garden2

secret garden barns

Leading off to one side were beautiful outbuildings, with rafters and arches, a space to live and places for animals.


There were even two large fig trees. It was perfect. I loved it.

I would love a walled garden. Maybe, one day, if we win the lottery (which is unlikely as we don’t play) we will build our very own walled garden and I will fill it with trees and fruit bushes and vegetables. There will be apricots and peaches growing against the south-facing wall, an arched doorway, a herb knot, early carrots in cold frames and rows of neat vegetables bordered with trained fruit trees just like at Chateau de Villandry … and of course I will have all the time I need to look after it.

walled garden

8 responses to “The Secret Garden

  1. What a find! Lovely dreams you have. Made me want it be there and wonder in delight along with you. I am fascinated by abandoned farms and old buildings. Next visit we will have to go visit this spot.

    • I don’t know who owns it, whether it is for sale or for how much. I imagine it would cost way more than we could ever afford – unless of course we win the lottery!

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