Fossil Flashback


A busy week with lots of quite big things happening so just some photos of the strange coast between Kilve and Westquantoxhead where we walked last Thursday searching for fossils …. again.




We found fossils and other treasures




fossil 4shell fossil



We looked aghast as rocks fell from the cliffs

K and J

And finally found a patch of sand to play with the ball on


A strange place and a lovely adventure

fossil and footfossil4.jpg


8 responses to “Fossil Flashback

  1. I love this for lots of reasons! I’m amazed at the size of those fossils and how many you found.
    Fabulous picture of your dog! 😉

    • Thank you – Kainaat got so mucky on this walk – the sand was quite red and he rolled around in it quite a bit. There were also lots of little fossils set in large pieces of slate as well – quite, quite magical.

  2. Pleased you’re both having a lovely holiday Claire. We are on ‘count down’ now for the return to camp!

  3. Wow, there’s so much to see. I went to Dorset for my school geology trip and didn’t see half as much. Enjoy!

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