Juniper’s Socks


No, I haven’t started putting socks on my alpacas – this would be an extremely difficult and frankly dangerous thing to attempt. Instead the lovely Sheens has sent me some socks made from Juniper’s fleece


Earlier this year I sent her juniper’s fleece after shearing and she cleaned and spun it and then knitted me these fantastic socks.


They fit perfectly and are so supersoft and fine. I love them. Thank you so much Sheena – perfect timing.

socks on feet

They haven’t been dyed so they are Juniper colour.

N.B. I am totally awed by the craftsmanship involved in these – what a skill to have. Learning to spin and knit is now on my ‘to-do/learn’ list.

14 responses to “Juniper’s Socks

    • I’ll darn them for you just pop them in the post to me and I will send them back all repaired so glad they fit so well 😊 x

      • Oh, you are so clever and that is so kind of you. Thank you so much for them, they are utterly, utterly wonderful xx Hope to see you later this year – and hope you are gradually getting better every day. 🙂

  1. I’ve got some alpaca socks. Albeit not home made like these. You’re a very lucky lady to have friends and alpacas to give you all you need to keep your toes warm!!

    • I’m also really lucky that someone gave me some lovely upcycled cashmere socks and a lovely scarf – every evening I put the socks on and the scarf is worn when out and when I am in the house if I am cold – it goes with everything – I love them both so much xxxx

    • Thank you – such a nice expression – they have something similar in Turkish – where they bid you wear the new item laughingly …. ditti for using new appliances, living in a new home etc

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