Eating from the Smallholding (3)

This week's dinner.jpg

This week we pretty much had squash for every meal – and some kale. We still have three large squash left! Last Saturday we got back  from holiday after a long drive with some defrosted sausages we had taken with us in case of emergencies so we had sausages, bread and celeriac remoulade.


For the remoulade mix dijon mustard, mayonnaise, bit of lemon juice and some sour cream together – add shredded celeriac – perfect. It looks a bit sparse but was really tasty, plus we were tired from the drive and had eaten like kings the night before at our friends’ house.

The next evening was more sausages (only two this time) with a squash mash, trotter gear and onion gravy, and kale

sausages onion grave, squash.jpg

Monday we had Ottolenghi winter vegetable stew (again) from the freezer (with saffron couscous) as I wanted something quick and easy as we needed to go to bed very early.

Ottolenghi stew.jpg

Tuesday was roasted root vegetables with fried homemade halloumi (I keep it in brine so it stays OK for well over a month) – it would have been nicer with a dollop of homemade pesto, but it was OK.

roast veg and grilled halloumi.jpg

Wednesday we went to the pub, Thursday we had some lunch out (more on that later) so only had cake for dinner.

Friday was roast squash and kale pasta as that was what was leftover in the fridge

squash pasta

On Saturday I whizzed up the leftover roast veggies with some very tired looking bits of kale and some chicken stock and made the most amazing soup. I will be ensuring that we have more leftover roast vegetables in future.

leftover soup

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    • Yes, it is easy – type haloumi into the search box and it will come up. I will make it again soon and maybe post with better pictures – depends on how much time I have 🙂

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