Sushi Take-out


Obviously if you think something is going to be one way or another, inevitably a third option occurs.

As a result of the £36 pie we have decided to vary the biopsy/cancer tradition. A quick look in the Good Food Guide brought to my attention Moshi Moshi which is conveniently located above platform one at Liverpool Street Station. I can’t believe for 6 years I have gone through this station at least twice a week but have never found it – all those missed sushi opportunities….  They use sustainable fish options which makes me happy.

You can eat in, but we opted for a speedy take-out – that we carried carefully back to Suffolk. They have bento boxes named after the magical sea areas that are mentioned in the Shipping Forecast. I had the Trafalgar bento box – back left on the photo above. I may have to work my way through all of them. Not sure if they have my favourite names which are North Utsira and South Utsira.


James had salmon and avocado rolls and spicy tuna rolls (these were fabulous – I ate two of his). I had an additional order of scallop nigiri (hand-dived from around the Isle of Mull), kabayaki gunkan which is a dogfish replacement for the endangered eel, and hiramasa nigiri which is something else – I can’t remember – it was all great. We also had a seaweed salad which to be honest we won’t get again as it was a bit dull and didn’t have much seaweed in.

While we were waiting (which was hardly any time) I may have scoffed two small plates of sashimi from the kaiten – there was some mackerel and maybe some salmon. I even ate it with my coat on – I never eat with my coat on – there is something very wrong about eating with your coat on. However, I was concerned to get a shot of sashimi in before we had to run for the train. When you are feeling a little bit faint after biopsies you are allowed to do stuff like that. We will definitely go back there if the whole cancer tradition thing keeps on going – if it doesn’t, I am sure I will bring home take-away for special occasions.

The FNA biopsy from last week was inconclusive so they decided to do two core biopsies – hence the sushi extravaganza. Lymph node is still enlarged – if they keep chopping away at it maybe the wretched thing will go away. I get the results next Thursday.

5 responses to “Sushi Take-out

  1. Sushi is a great band-aid my sweet. I’d make that my tradition as well, if I were in your shoes. I’ve had many issues with my health as well, so I get you needing to find some solace. Carrying you close to my heart.

  2. I’ve never had a whole meal of Sushi but I think I’d like it. I’ve tried snippets of other peoples before now.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you. x

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