Hot Composting

hot composting

My hot compost is slowly heating up. It has already got to 25C (the outside temperature is pretty much below 10 I guess), but will get much hotter (up to 50 – 60C) in the center when it is running properly. When it is hot enough it will decompose weeds, bones, feathers and a whole variety of other things in super quick time.  Hot composting can kill weeds and pathogens of various types. It is all based on aerobic not anaerobic decomposition. I am just learning about this – for more information see here.

You can hot compost anywhere – you need to carefully layer the ingredients to create the right conditions and get the correct carbon-nitrogen balance. You also generally need to turn it, I think. I have taken a slightly easier route and bought a hot composer – it is basically just an insulated box, but it makes it slightly easier to get the process going and keep it going and I don’t have to turn it.

hot composter

Also, it has the benefit of being largely rat proof. We have a rat problem and I don’t want any food left out. Only garden waste and manure will go in the various cold compost bins. All food scraps will go to the dog, the wormery or the hot composter.  I will also be able to put the old remnants of bones that the dog doesn’t finish in there to be fully broken down and recycled into the smallholding – absolutely no waste from our vegetable and animals products here.

I will keep you updated as to the progress of the hot compost!

2 responses to “Hot Composting

  1. I need to read more about it. Starting it off in this cold weather is proving tricky. I hope that once it gets going it will be easier to keep going. This weekend when I checked the temperature it had gone down so I added the hot water bottle in again and fingers crossed hopefully it the temperature will rise – big steep learning curve!

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