almond blossom

Kitty nominated me to answer some questions – see her blog here. So as I should be editing articles for a book I am putting together and as it is Friday, I am going to do just that!

Where in the world do you live? Near the sea in Suffolk, UK

How long have you lived in your current place? We moved here in July 2009, but I have been coming here since 1971 as my grandparents and then parents used to live here.

Do you have a favourite hobby? We have a smallholding with a variety of animals (sheep, pigs, hens, ducks, turkeys, alpacas, bees etc) and I grow  fruit and vegetables and have a full time job so no real time for a hobby as such. You could maybe count beekeeping (badly) and being an apprentice shepherd as a hobby.

If money was no object where would you love to visit? Don’t really want to go anywhere other than here. If I go places these days I want to take my dog which limits us to the UK. I would like to see more of Scotland and the islands maybe.

Do you have any pets/animals? James has 7 cats, I have 1 dog. We have animals on the smallholding too – 13 sheep, 2 pigs, 6 turkeys, 49 chickens, 14 ducks, 4 hives of bees, 3 alpacas – the number varies through the year as animals are born and killed. We are hoping to get goats very soon.

Do you have a favourite place to write your blog? I usually write it at my desk overlooking the smallholding, but sometimes I write it on the train – I do a lot of stuff on the train while commuting to work.

Where or what do you like to do when you need to escape and chill? I walk, or do stuff in my vegetable garden.

Your favourite food or dish? I don’t know. I love food. I really like home-grown, home-made food. I really like food cooked by other people! I guess I prefer vegetarian food. Perhaps my favourite type of food is Japanese or east Mediterranean food.

What do you love about your home? I like being able to have a smallholding and campsite. To be able to grow and raise our own food and to have lots of lovely people stay in our back garden throughout the summer!

Do you have a holiday booked for this year? No.

How long have you known your closest friend? More than 20 years

N.B. results of the biopsies so far are good – no sign of cancer. But – why is there always a but? – they have sent a sample to another hospital for a final test and I find out the results next week. The doctor thinks it will be fine so I am no longer worried and I feel that I have been given a new life – I certainly have a new appreciation for my current life. Nothing like worrying that you are going to die sooner than planned to put things in perspective!

9 responses to “Questions

  1. Ugh, prospective and then some.
    I’m crossing my fingers and my toes sweetheart for clear results from the other doctor as well.
    Thanks for answering these questions and sharing more about yourself with the rest of us

  2. The book sounds intriguing…

    I didn’t realise you had so many hens, it makes my 10 sound like a drop in the ocean. 😉

    So pleased to hear about your results – what a relief for you! I hope you’ll soon be able to relax a little more. You certainly have the perfect surroundings for it.

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