Eating from the Smallholding (5)


This week we have been mainly eating vegetarian food based on winter roots from the garden and veggies (tomatoes, broccoli and green beans) that I froze last year – oh and swiss chard.

swiss chard

Monday: my favourite tamarind daal with beans and tomato.


Tuesday: mixed root gratin – celeriac, kohlrabi, squash and potatoes

root bake

Wednesday: lovely mushroom risotto that I made while at my friend’s house – no photo

Thursday: sushi at Moshi Moshi – rubbish photos, but lovely sushi and sashimi

Friday: pasta with broccoli, lemon and chilli


Saturday: mixed meze dips – beetroot and walnut, hummus, Moroccan carrot, and squash with pomegranate syrup + homemade pita


Sunday lunch: Shashuka with leftover pita – this is the reason I will get good at growing onions, I promise



Sunday dinner: meze dips + borek + pita (again) and braised homegrown and dried borlotti beans


Recipe for the squash dip tomorrow

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