This is getting boring …..

Alpacas and hens

Oh … not this, not the smallholding

alpacas and pigs

And certainly not the alpacas, my wonderful llama pajama army


Not the pigs either with their comical ears that flap when they run gleefully across the field


No, not the naughty lambs  – they are much better behaved these days.


It isn’t even the pregnant sheep sitting around in the pig field eating the last of the grass

Ixworths small

And it couldn’t be the Ixworths as they make the most beautiful chicken flowers – oh, but I haven’t shown you that yet ….

Actually it is the boring, wretched hospital stuff that just keeps on going. After the relief of last week, apparently (so I heard on an answerphone message as it is impossible to talk to a real person) they discussed me in their patient review meeting, but are still waiting for more results to get the full picture – so there wasn’t any point in me going to the hospital yesterday – I have to go back next week.  I thought it would be easy to say that I was fine and could go off and enjoy my life …. what’s the hold-up?

N.B. and of course now the nodes in my groin are enlarged or something

9 responses to “This is getting boring …..

  1. It’s the ‘not knowing’ or the feeling of ‘not being included’ in discussion I can imagine is quite frustrating. Also the time delays seem endless, I’m aware of this because of my fathers experience. However, his way of dealing with it is by taking notes and emailing various people about his visits.

    I’m sure you’ll hear soon (hugs).

    • Thank you Kitty. The “not knowing” is hard but I sort of understand. The “not being included” is unforgivable and stems from a misguided sense of arrogance and a refusal to treat patients as intelligent people who might actually want to be active, informed participants in their own treatment. Hope your dad is OK.

      • I agree, you think this is ‘my’ body so surely I should be consulted along the way. I remember my doctor said I needed to have my husbands consent for me to have a preceedure done. I was shocked! I never asked again…
        Dad’s ok he’s in remission for some things but was delighted when they told him he could fly to New Zealand again. My mum’s family all live there and they try to visit yearly.
        He finds keeping notes helpful especially if you see different consultants. In fact the consultant often emails him and he was invited to a seminar as a guest speaker about the leukaemia he had.
        I’m sure all will be fine in your case but don’t be afraid for getting a second opinion if you need to.

        • Glad your Dad can fly to New Zealand. That is pretty cool getting invited to the seminar as a guest speaker. I should keep notes – thanks for the tip – also good advice about a second opinion. Although I am a highly sceptical person and query lots of things, when I walk into a doctor’s office it is almost as if that function get’s turned off. I have managed to challenge a few things, but only when I felt my back was right against the wall. Take care and I hope that your Dad continues to feel well.

  2. I’m not as calm as you. I’d be spinning and calling the whole crew trying to find someone. Or maybe you just get put on terminal hold and you learn to deal with it? I’m so sad you are dealing with all of this once again. I sort of get it as I’ve got my autoimmune issues that will never go away, and may one day be the end of me. Sending much love to you and warm hugs and lots of smiles and silliness. If you EVER need anyone to talk to, you are ALWAYS welcome to call me or email me. home is 651-636-0973. Love you Claire.

    • Hi Mary, thank you for all the love and hugs and silliness – it is much appreciated. This week is my week to get stuff sorted. Off to the GP on Monday and hospital on Thursday – answers will be had. Love you too and hope you are, and continue to be well xxxxx

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