Synchronised Chicken Flowers


Yes, it’s a thing, of course it’s a thing. But as with everything it takes work – chicken flowers don’t just make themselves. They require practice, coordination and supervision. Cockerel no.2 (so named because he wasn’t number one choice although he is working out just fine – thank you for asking) is in the management role with regards to the Ixworth chicken flowers. Just in case you wondered, it doesn’t have to be a cockerel – the hybrids are led by a green-egg layer.

The Ixworths practice everyday and No.2 oversees making sure everyone is in the right place and the timing is spot on. Personally I think the hens would probably be fine on their own, but as with management everywhere No.2 needs to feel useful so they indulge him.

supervising chicken flowers

Sometimes the pressure of an audience makes some of the Ixworths choke (I heard all about this phenomena on the radio last night), they get flustered and the flower falls apart.

pressure of a critical audience

In their defence the sheep weren’t being hugely constructive – it was more like heckling.

They worked through it though and slowly it started to come back together.


This is a huge relief as I don’t need a bunch of Ixworths with low self-confidence who are excessively worried about failure right now.

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