Cold Fried Brain Sandwich

cold fried brain sandwich

What else can you do with cold leftover fried brains? Come on, admit it, you want my life – it is so rock and roll.

Take two leftover fried lambs’ brains, pop on a buttered bun with some rocket and leftover gribiche sauce. You could warm the brains in a dry frying pan – I started doing this, but was too greedy and just ate them cold. This was actually really delicious – I really like the walnut with the creamy brain.

cold fried brain sandwich2

I suggested to James we might serve this as a special in the food truck. How can I say this … once the horror had subsided he told me no-one in their right mind would want to eat this and I should stick to pork + apple burgers, bacon sandwiches or lamb burgers. Personally I would travel a long way to eat a sumac and walnut encrusted fried lambs’ brain sandwich which had been born and raised meters from where it was served – luckily I just had to wander to the fridge.

N.B. food truck is still undergoing renovations – due to limited time and finances it is on the back burner slightly.  Also, realistically I have three books to finish by this summer so most of my free time will go to writing and editing rather than cooking. However, it is not forgotten and will be finished sometime this season.

6 responses to “Cold Fried Brain Sandwich

  1. I admire your brain eating. I thought I was the last person on the planet prepared to eat things like this. I noticed cods roe in the fish shop. That’s next week’s plan….

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