Eating from the Smallholding (6)


I made a big batch of flat bread dough (that sat in the fridge patiently most of the week) and a pot of braised borlotti beans and we ate these along with the leftover meze for a few days.

Monday: leftover borek, meze, beans and flat bread. I love borlotti beans and this year I will grow a forest of them.

braised beans

Tuesday: The fabulous squash and tahini cheesey pide – see here.

squash pide

Wednesday: Sausage, mash, braised cabbage and trotter gear onion gravy with my lovely friend – no photo – we were too busy eating and gossiping!

Thursday: green bean and tomato daal from the freezer – got to have freezer meals when you get home at 9pm.


Friday: ribs with coleslaw . I tried a different glaze, it wasn’t as good – so in future I am sticking with this one here. I used up the last of the red cabbage (!) but still have some kohlrabi left. James had sausages as he doesn’t like to knaw bones.



Saturday: my version of lahmacun – flat bread with fried onions and lamb mince mixed with some harissa and pomegranate molasses. Cooked until the bread is still soft enough to roll up with rocket – absolute god food – no really this is wonderful. Why yes, the lambs did come home from university so lamb will now feature on our smallholding menu for the first time in a while. Oh and of course the wonderful  homemade raspberry ice-cream with an extra raspberry ripple


raspberry icecream.jpg

Sunday: the pinnacle of my smallholding and culinary achievements: sumac and walnut encrusted lambs brains fried in home-rendered lard – no more to be said here.

brain fritters.jpg

N.B. All I am saying is that there is something equally exciting that will be featuring in next week’s round-up – we have already eaten it and it was yummier than the brains but equally interesting – can you guess what it was?

N.B. recipe for the braised beans tomorrow.


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