Yesterday I got up at 5.30am so I could drive to Surrey to compete with Kainaat in an open UD Working Dog Trial – see here for a brief overview of Working Trials and the tasks you have to do.

We got there early and were allotted 11.30 as our tracking time. We had a bop about in a field – my friend and her two dogs came with us. Then I went and did the control round – we were first on which was perfect and we didn’t have to queue – I hate queuing – especially when there are lots of dogs around, it isn’t good for my fear of dogs.


Kainaat was a star we got full marks on the jumps (3 foot clear, 9 foot long and 6 foot scale), and the sendaway. We lost a half a mark each on heelwork and the retrieve. Kainaat did the best heelwork he has ever done – we don’t practice much as it is boring.


Then we went to do the track. I was more worried about this as Kainaat  has not been a reliable tracking dog to date, but he proved me wrong yesterday. He did a wonderful track – we completed it. Although he sometimes lost the track on the corners he worked hard to find it again. We got 88/90 + 20 for finding the articles. Then we did a search square – just lost one mark and steadiness to gun shot – full marks – I might have jumped though!


The last exercise was a 10 minute out of sight down stay. I wasn’t too worried as Kainaat has a good down – except when working sheep! Despite the dog next to him sitting up, he stayed lying down.


This meant we got 196/200 and qualified UD Open. I was so pleased with Kainaat, he worked so hard and we made a good team. It seems like my little puppy is finally growing up and becoming a serious dog.


There was plenty of time for playing with his friends and a raw food dog picnic too.


N.B. photos are from last week in Orford. I had to go to the doctors and thought I would do my afternoon walk along the sea/river bank there instead of behind the smallholding. It was deserted and beautiful.


N.B. See here for when Kainaat got his CDex


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    • Thank you. 🙂 Sometimes practising is fun (when it isn’t heel work) – we have been doing it for two and a half years (!) – people keep asking when my dog will finally be trained – I think it is a lifetime thing – there are always things to work on and learn.

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