Eating from the Smallholding (7)

This week.jpg

This week we ate some seriously exciting food. Often we bop along eating our staples as I am too mentally and physically exhausted from work and smallholding to think too much about dinner. It is enough to think of meals that will use what we have in the garden or freezer. But this week the stars aligned and we ate some new dishes

I also went mad this week and bought some mushrooms – god I miss mushrooms – I so need to start growing them. We also bought a bag of salad. I don’t have any leaves in the garden and I have missed them so much.

Anyway enough of such talk

Monday started off in a spectacular way with fried sweetbreads with mushrooms in a cream and wine sauce on rice. This was so good – recipe tomorrow.


Tuesday was an old favourite that we will eat probably once a week or so until the leeks run out – Ottolenghi’s leek and tofu with copious amounts of black pepper – very spicy. The recipe is here – it is one of my first posts. I will do an updated version with photos soon.

black pepper tofu.jpg

Wednesday: Shakshuka with duck eggs


Thursday: field mushroom stuffed with breadcrumbs, onions, pinenuts, lemon zest and stilton

stuffed mushroom

Friday: White bean puree with panfried scallops and some quick and easy home-made chorizo.

scallops and home-made chorizo

Saturday: leftover white beans wrapped up with some chicken in a tortilla with tomatillo salsa and cheese all over it – comfort food. Yes, I was so tired I couldn’t get the food in the middle of the plate!

chicken encilladas

Sunday: Finnish Rye Pancakes with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. Recipe to follow later in the week

Finnish rye pancakes

N.B. We are not fishermen so we always have to buy in our seafood as well.

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