And this was February ….


Happy digging pigs, duck eggs in the incubator, a sneak peak into chicken-flower practice, the first purple sprouting broccoli, three lambs off to ‘university’ and wonderful Kainaat qualifying and winning in a UD open working dog trial.


But let’s not forget lots of jam making, brain fritters, leeks and the lone cabbage that survived the lamb onslaught, strawberry world, worm juice and Ataturkeyzade……

It is three and a half weeks until the campsite opens …… let’s see what March brings.

6 responses to “And this was February ….

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while but haven’t commented much. Just wanted to say hi from across the pond! What a month indeed! I love seeing your animals, and the crazy foods you eat. It’s like an episode of fear factor. Ha! Just kidding. Really though, I can’t imagine eating brains. It just seems so… wrong somehow. I dunno. Maybe I will have to try it sometime. 🙂

    • Hi Stephanie – thanks for visiting. Glad you like the animals and the food (!). I know what you mean – people don’t seem to eat offal anymore so we see it as something odd or wrong. but I would find it wrong to waste it. If you get a chance and fancy it, do try brains – they are lovely. More interesting recipes using unusual ingredients coming up 🙂

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