Candling Duck Eggs

Growing chick

So I just candled the duck eggs that I put in the incubator about 9 days ago.

Goodness, I hear you say, isn’t it Friday, shouldn’t you be working at the day job? Yes, it is Friday and yes I am working. I am flitting between editing articles for a book project on conversion and reviewing a large grant application. Hence, I need the distraction of the incubator – it’s right next to my desk for a reason.

I digress …..

What is candling? Essentially you hold a bright light (a torch) to the egg so you can see what is going on inside. Eggs with no developing embryo inside are discarded, as rotten eggs in an incubator are not a good thing.

So, out of 15 eggs, 13 are fertile and have a developing embryo in them – well done Mr Drake.  You can tell if they are fertile and viable after about a week or so as they develop veins and you can see a little blob moving which is the future duckling – see the photo above.

One egg was unfertile. No veins and it is yellow – just clear liquid.

unfertile egg

One egg was fertile but the embryo died after a couple of days – you can tell this because of the red line of death.

dead chick

The ducklings are due to hatch on 23rd March so I will probably candle them again in another 2 weeks and remove any eggs where the embryo hasn’t survived. I try not to mess with them while they are incubating as every time you open the incubator you affect the temperature and humidity which can negatively impact on the incubation process.

I can’t tell you how excited and amazed I am……I can’t wait for ducklings.

All three


2 responses to “Candling Duck Eggs

    • Incubating eggs is a perfect distraction, but seedlings work too. I find I need something that isn’t too distracting, but is quite exciting to look at every now and again 🙂 I also need to crack on with planting seeds – let’s do it this weekend 🙂

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