Preserved Lemons

lemon and salt

I like preserved lemons and they get added to all sorts of dishes here so every now and again I get round to making a new batch. They are ridiculously easy to make and basically all that is required is salt and lemons. You can add in a sprig of rosemary or a chilli if you want, but I suspect this just makes the jar look prettier.



Preserved Lemons: 12 lemons, sea salt.

Take six lemons. Cut a deep cross into the lemon, but don’t slice all the way through. Stuff the centre with salt and squash into a sterilised jar.

salt and lemons2

I normally try and stuff about 6 lemons in.

lemons in a jar

Seal and leave on the kitchen counter for a week. You will see that juice leaches out over this time.

lemons in jar after a week

After a week squeeze another 6 lemons and add the juice to the jar. Top up with about a centimeter of olive oil. Make sure the lemons are fully covered.

making it

Pop in the fridge and they are ready to eat after a few months. They keep for ages.

When you want to use them, pull off a quarter and cut the skin into small dice – discard (into the compost) the flesh/insides of the lemon. I sometimes use the juice/oil mix in salad dressings.

lemons in jar2

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