Poorly Juniper


Juniper was poorly on Sunday morning. She was lying down by herself and didn’t even want her usual treat of alpaca muesli – unheard of in an alpaca as greedy as Juniper. More worrying was her breathing it was very laboured and her abdomen was heaving. I was really worried.


Juniper when she was poorly

I waited for an hour to see what would happen – while terrifying myself on Google. Then I waited another hour. After this I phoned the emergency vet. He said he would come out, maybe she needed some kind of injection to relax her airways – I wasn’t listening to this part as I was slightly perturbed by his not unreasonable request that we would need to corral Juniper somewhere where he could examine her (OK this is possible) and then restrain her so he could check her over. This is not possible for me and James alone. The wonderful shearers who come every year have excellent alapaca handling techniques – we don’t. Andrew, our friend the shepherd, comes and helps us trim their nails every year – he is better at alpaca wrangling than us. So I called him and asked for help.

alpacas and pigs.JPG

After that James went out to try and corral Juniper only to discover she was now fine. I went and checked her – her breathing was normal, she was on her feet with the other two, and most importantly she was greedily eating alpaca muesli.

I don’t know what happened to her, but I am very much relieved she is better. I also realised that we probably need to get better at alpaca wrangling just in case ……

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