I have been negligent with my gardening posts. To be honest, I haven’t had much time for the garden, but I have started sowing my seeds.

These are Italian tomatoes – I found the packet stashed away in my seed box – it wasn’t more specific than this – I just threw a handful in the seed tray and they went crazy.

I have also sown some a few Amish Paste, Costoluto Fiorentino and Big Boy tomatoes – these are coming along OK. I have also sown some marketmore cucumbers, lemon drop hot citrus peppers, de barbentane aubergine (even though I haven’t had a single aubergine off any of my plants for years) and Lipstick an early sweet pepper. I sow these inside on a heated mat with a little plastic lid on the seed trays.

In the cold frame I sowed radish (French Breakfast), rocket, dill, coriander, basil, red spring onions and little gem lettuce – so far I have done two successional sowings. I think just the radishes have come up so far.

seeds in cold frame.JPG

In the greenhouse there are broadbeans (aquadulche longpod, leidse hangdown and some regular aquadulche), mangetout and some peas (Hatif D’annonay)! I sow them in gutters and then haul them out to pop them in the ground some time in April or May.


Up on the staging I sowed some savoy cabbage, long de mezieres winter leek, and more lettuce.


I dug up the last of my beetroot to make room to plant some onions and garlic, but the day got away with me and I didn’t get round to it …. maybe next weekend.

I have been working on the giant fruit cage as well ….. I will do a post on that very soon.

5 responses to “Seedlings

  1. Roasted beets and carrots in a balsamic glaze are my favorites! Enjoy.
    the whole garden is really coming along! and btw, I have never been successful at growing eggplant either! I don’t get it…..

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