Roast Beetroot, Pesto and Innes Brick Tart

slice of tart

This dish was inspired by the wonderful André and Adélaïde over at Infinite Belly   They have put together such a beautiful website with photos, drawings, stories and the most delicious recipes – it is one of my favourite places to  visit. They also rescue cats – how perfect are they?

Anyway, they posted a recipe for a delicious looking gluten-free squash, beetroot and ricotta galette together with the lyrics from Leonard Cohen’s song The Partisan. I was going to make it – a tart that goes well with Leonard Cohen – of course I was going to make it. I had squash and beetroot from the garden and some home-made ricotta in the freezer. I didn’t have chestnut flour but reckoned that I could make it with regular flour. Then life got a bit crazy and before I knew it it was 7.30 at night, we were hungry and had to get up very early the next day – it was time for an emergency tart.

I grabbed some all-butter ready-rolled puff pastry from the fridge, spread it with some home-made parsley pesto that was lurking in the fridge, sliced up the beetroot that I had fortuitously already roasted and layered it on the tart with some leftover Innes Brick goat cheese.

Beetroot tart - uncooked

I cooked it in a hot-ish oven until it was done then drizzled over some thick balsamic glaze and we ate it with leaves. It wasn’t a roast beetroot and squash galette, but it was lovely.

cooked tart

N.B. one day I will make the galette.

5 responses to “Roast Beetroot, Pesto and Innes Brick Tart

  1. Thank you so much Claire for this lovely reinterpretation of our galette!! We’re only discovering this now — thank you for your kind words. How wonderful to hear that our blog is a “place” you like to go to and visit. Likewise; we are very fond of your life project and truly admire your work. All the very best to you and your adorable animals.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am still planning on making your delicious galette – maybe when I have just a little more time. Your blog is definitely a wonderful place to visit – I always look forward to finding a new post in my in-box. Hope everything is going well in Marseille and you are settling in – I would love to live in France one day, but am more than happy here as well – take care

      • Ahaha and I who always say I’d love to live in the British countryside :). Well who knows?! Hope all is well for you and your animals in your happy farm. Wishing you beautiful days to come.

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