Sitting Pretty


Spring is here – one of our turkeys is already sitting on a clutch of eggs.


Do you see that pile of fencing in the background? There is a gap at the bottom so of course she chose to lay her eggs and sit in there.

sitting hen

I wasn’t sure what she was doing – we haven’t seen any sign of eggs. I can’t reach in to her so I poked her with a stick – gently – and yes, she is sitting on a whole clutch of eggs. Goodness knows how we will get the chicks out. Our hens haven’t had the best record of looking after turkey chicks – sometimes they hatch them OK, then abandon them, other times they squash them as they are hatching.


Usually we don’t let the turkeys sit this early. We collect the eggs until early April and then let them sit. I guess it is out of our hands this year.


I don’t know when she started sitting – she was there yesterday so let’s say she started some time between 10th-14th March. Eek, fingers crossed we will have turkey chicks in less than a month.



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