Bits and Bobs and Bees


Yesterday I took a look at the bees. Well I took a look at three of the hives – I couldn’t face checking out the slightly angry swarm bees so left them for next week.

There are no bee photos as I was working alone and it was stressful enough without trying to take photos too.

So three hives (nos 2,3 and 4) were full of honey – probably ivy honey from the late autumn. Hives 3 and 4 had three frames of brood and I saw eggs, brood and sealed brood. Hive 2 had two frames. I also hefted up the very heavy brood boxes to get at the supers underneath (I had put them there for insulation over the winter). I moved them on top of the brood boxes so the bees have room to expand. I may have dropped one of the brood boxes as it was so very very heavy – this didn’t help the attitude of the bees – sorry bees. All the frames were very sticky – I might have broken some of them with my inept hive tool handling, but again let’s not mention this. I also removed the woodpecker protection and checked they still had some fondant. And I told them about the death of our lovely friend and neighbour – Ted was a good friend of the bees and had also kept them some years ago.

I got stung once – only through my gauntlet so not much poison got in, but it has still swollen up. I am slightly worried by my reaction to bee stings, but let’s not dwell on that now.

pipped egg.jpg

I stopped turning the incubating duck eggs yesterday and upped the humidity to 75% and this morning we had pipped eggs – look out for super cute ducklings in the next couple of days. Good job I am in London for the day job today as otherwise I would be so distracted by the hatching.

Last but not least – here are the daffodils planted by the children last autumn on my beloved Daisy Dog’s grave.

Daisy's Grave.jpg

2 responses to “Bits and Bobs and Bees

  1. If you’re getting honey now and goats so you will soon be able to make Greek yogurt for that lovely honey and yogurt combination! And once the sheep lamb – feta cheese!! Sorry, I’m hungry right now šŸ˜‰ Anyways, thank you for the picture of the bulbs, I noticed the little white one for Twinkletoes xx looking foward to seeing you hopefully later this weekend xx

    • And halloumi – this is the sole reason for getting goats. I have been scarfing the few jars of honey I got on top of yoghurt and fruit – worth all the bee stings! See you soon – the ducklings say hi!

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