Eating from the Smallholding (9) and cavolo nero pesto


This week I harvested the last of the beetroot and cavolo nero, some leeks and psb. We also had some artichokes, potatoes, squash and the last celeriac in storage. In terms of meat we had two naked neck chicken breasts, small piece of large black pork belly, some osb pork sausage meat and home-made black pudding – all from our animals and from the freezer.

cavolo nero.jpg

So we ate:

Monday: roast root veggies (beetroot, squash, potato, jerusalem artichoke) with cavolo nero pesto and Innes log goat cheese. See below for the pesto recipe.

roast veggies and pesto

Tuesday: Baked potato with leek, stilton and kale pesto – see here

leek and stilton baked potato

Wednesday: I stayed with my friend and we had bubble and squeak, fried black pudding and fried duck eggs – yeah!

Thursday: I got home very, very late from work (about 10pm) so we had cheesy omlette in a bun

Friday: chicken and celeriac pasta – see here

chicken and celeriac pasta

Saturday: Sausage, black pudding and harissa ragout with polenta – see here for recipe

sausage and black pudding ragout

Sunday: slow cooked pork belly Chinese-style hotpot with noodles and psb. I will post the recipe for this late in the week – it is divine.

Chinese pork belly hotpot.jpg

Cavolo Nero (Kale) Pesto: cavolo nero, pine nuts (and blanched almonds as I ran out of pinenuts), olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, Parmesan – grated.

Put it all in a food processor and whiz until it looks like pesto – adjust the amounts until it tastes as you want it to – easy ….


N.B. super exciting news tomorrow – couldn’t do it today as the light faded and I couldn’t take any photos – squeak

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