Easter Ducklings


What kind of campsite doesn’t ensure that there are ducklings for Easter? As professional campsite owners we are pleased to present 9 adorable ducklings for your delight and delectation – no, they are not for eating, well not just yet. Currently they are for holding and squealing over.


We give you not just any ducklings, but M&S ducklings….



When you are one day old sometimes staying upright is hard


But hanging out with your siblings makes things seem less scary


And yes, thank you for asking, my writing is coming along fine …. not distracted in the slightest by these little cuties


No really, I’m not ……

9 responses to “Easter Ducklings

  1. Squeeee!!!! I may have to change all my plans and arrive earlier at the camp site just because of these little cuties! Leave them in my awning if they are distracting you from your work 🙂

  2. Darwin always heads for Tonys campchair so maybe leave the fluffies at home then 🙂 See you later xx

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