Cuddling Ducklings


This Easter a lot of duckling cuddling happened.



And as everyone should know it is very good for the health of both ducklings and humans to gently rub a duckling against your cheek at least once a day – so this is what we did – every day!


Me and Holly


It is of course a bonus if they poo on you and the health benefits are then doubled.



7 responses to “Cuddling Ducklings

  1. I wanna hold the ducklings 😦 Can you provide more for the weekend of the 22nd please when I’m deffo back at the campsite?? 😉

    • Chicks will be available then! More ducklings coming soon after that – the incubator is running 24/7 at the moment. Just grab me when you see me and demand to hold chicks/ducklings – I will understand, this is a perfectly reasonable demand!

    • very good medicine – off to feed the hungry monkeys now! Not actual monkeys – in my head I call the ducklings monkeys ….. yes …. I need more rest!

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