Oh, so that is why queen excluders are important


Two weeks ago when I did my first check on the bees of the season I moved the supers that had been beneath the brood box back on top, checked that they had some fondant and noted the number of frames with brood. Although I didn’t find any queens (I know they were there as there was brood and eggs) I felt I didn’t do too bad of a job.


Turns out I missed something important …. something very important. I didn’t put queen excluders between the brood box and the super. Queen excluders are a mesh that allows bees through but not queens. This means the queens can’t get into the supers so they don’t lay there. The supers are meant to be just for honey – makes extraction easier – that is of course assuming you ever get enough honey for extraction.

This is a frame of brood – lovely isn’t it


And this is a super frame


Why yes ….. there appears to be brood in the super as I completely forgot about the excluders


The queen has moved upstairs and is now living in a maisonette with an additional super on top of the hastily added queen excluder. Another photo of the brood and a bee with some yellow pollen.


I am quite pleased with these photos – they were taken by me one-handed with my I-phone while wearing thick sticky beekeeping gloves and holding the frames in the other hand – multi-tasking – yeah!


For the record (and as I lost my piece of paper) hive 1 has two frames of brood; hives 2 and 3 have 3 frames and 4 has three frames plus upstairs – I think.

N.B. I didn’t get stung this week – yay!




4 responses to “Oh, so that is why queen excluders are important

  1. The bee world is really fascinating, but quite daunting. I love learning about it, but wish I had more time to really get to grips with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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