Sowing and Growing

peas and beans.jpg

Things are starting to sprout. These are the broad beans, mangetout and peas in the greenhouse. I really should plant them in the ground, but I don’t think I will have time this weekend – hopefully they can wait until next week.

The brassicas in the greenhouse are looking good with brussel sprouts and savoy cabbage starting to grow.


I have planted some calabrese as well and need to get some cauliflowers in. I have never had much luck growing brassicas from seed and rely on getting tiny plants from friends (thank you Christine and Nathan) or the shop. However, this year I am trying again.

savoy cabbage.jpg

I am also trying to grow celeriac from seed – this will be a first if I succeed. They are really spindly and it is hard to believe that robust, round celeriac roots come from these little things – hopefully.


The first seeding of leeks has started to show, but I really need to get on with some more …. at this time of year it seems that there is never enough time even though the evenings are getting longer

leek seedlings.jpg

Meanwhile inside the house the plants have taken over. I pricked out about 100 tomato plants  with Kainaat’s nonchalant supervision

transplanting seedlings.jpg

and now have a mini tomato forest in the spare bedroom.

tomato forest.jpg

The first batch of cucumbers and peppers are doing well



but I still have more to plant. I have a plan to set up an indoor seed tray area in the old front porch on shelving with heat and light lamps. This is a task for next winter though – there are far more exciting projects afoot at the moment!

Only one aubergine and three tomatillo plants have made it so far so I will try another sowing.

I have also started sowing courgettes and squash and as if by magic this happened overnight


Onions and garlic are in, but potatoes are not. I keep telling myself it is still early but I worry that May will creep up on us and I will have forgotten about the corn, carrots, beetroot, chard, beans, kohlrabi and …….



4 responses to “Sowing and Growing

  1. Slow up Claire, you have plenty of time, you can be too early, well that is what I am telling myself, xx

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