Free-range ducklings

Ducks and ducklings

The ducklings have been living for a week or so in their new accommodation – the duckling palace. Kerry helped me transform a spider-ridden shed full of junk into a delux pad for ducklings. However, the weather has now warmed up, the ducklings are bigger, much bigger, and I wanted them to have access to the outside. So we built them a small enclosure with hurdles – you can never ever have too many hurdles – just saying.

Shed and Run

They were quite curious about the outside


One of the Pekins watched them with curiosity

mummy watching 2

And then they discovered the little pool we had made them


mummy looking on.JPG

They loved the water

In we go.JPG

They splashed about, dibbled and got quite dirty

dirty duckling.JPG

but then they all had a wash and a preen


Why get out the easier way when you can clamber over the edge?

getting ouit of the bath.JPG

They are not yet three weeks old and are huge


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