Purple Sprouting and Creamy Cheese Pasta

Finished dish

In between eating leeks we are eating purple sprouting broccoli


I love psb and never ever grow enough. On Friday I made this dish based on one from Jamie Oliver’s Jamie at Home. He made his own pasta, but as I was still working at 7pm in the evening and had to get up at 5am to go to a dog trial the next day we just had regular shop-bought pasta. Of course it would be nicer with home-made tagliatelle, but until these books are finished that is not going to happen round here and the pasta machine will sit in its cupboard.

I used a lovely cheese we got from Neal’s Yard Dairy called Rollright – nice washed rind cheese they said was like a reblochon or something – it worked very well. I cut the rind off and gave it to Kainaat – actually we shared it. I also scavenged around the garden for some oregano and managed to come up with just enough.

Look what an effort I made with the photos people ….


PSB and Creamy Pasta: pasta (make your own if you want, it is unlikely you will regret it); 125ml creme fraiche; 75g of cheese that melts; 75g of grated parmesan; loads of psb; 1 egg yolk (gave the white to the dog); oregano – chopped.

Put a glass bowl over a saucepan that has a little simmering water in it – don’t let the basin touch the water. Add the creme fraiche and cheese to the basin and stir gently while they melt. When you are ready to eat, cook the pasta, a couple of minutes before it is ready add in the psb. Meanwhile stir in the egg yolk, oregano and seasoning to the cheese sauce. Drain the pasta and psb, mix in the sauce and loosen with a little cooking water, if necessary. Eat.

finished dish2

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