Best Laid Plans…

polytunnel bits2

We have a plan – it is not the most thought out plan, but it is a plan. Actually we are not really planning people, we are mainly ‘have crazy ideas, jump straight in and see what happens’ people.

The tubes, and wood and poles and boxes you see above hold our dreams and hopes. They are an opening into a different way of living, new options, new adventures.

They are the bits for a giant polytunnel, a polytunnel that will enable us to grow a lot more fruit and vegetables, enough fruit and vegetables to supply our pop-up cafe serving food grown and raised on our little smallholding.

polytunnel bits

I have wanted to run a cafe for decades. There is still a long way to go with this dream, but it is good to see the foundations being laid.

James and Henry are going to build the polytunnel in the next week here – squeak – I am so so excited.

polytunnel location.JPG

But as they say with best laid plans, they often go awry.

This week has not been the best health-wise. Two weeks ago my CT scan came back showing a possible problem with my heart; then an ecg I had with the nurse on Monday  resulted in the doctor looking over the printout in the early evening and phoning me up at home and instructing me to go straight to A&E (without passing go) as there were “irregularities”. After many hours there being connected up to all sorts of machines I was told I hadn’t had a heart attack – to be fair this wasn’t an option that had even crossed my mind – but they said that yes there were irregularities and yes I need more tests. So I am currently waiting for these tests … but it does go someway to explaining the breathlessness I have on the slightest exertion, the light-headedness, the pressure on my chest and the fatigue that I have had since January and which over the past couple of weeks has been getting worse.

8 responses to “Best Laid Plans…

  1. First, flip!!!! In reference to your heart & not the construction of yet another enterprise at Shottisham camp site/small holding/farm factory/book writing dwelling/research plant. I’m assuming that the latest results are some what positive or you wouldn’t be so excited about polytunnels and the “cafe.” Good to know you’re not losing your mind too, huh. Something has definitely been occurring internally that a lemsip just won’t fix.
    Well, at least all this construction keeps James out of trouble 👞. I’m hoping you’ll get all the R E S T you need (or want).
    See you soon xx

  2. Awww Claire. Dang it. So maddening to have our bodies not do what we want them to do. I still want my body to be able to do all that my mind wants to do as well. Its been a very hard realization that I must slow down and pay attention. I’m making slow progress with mindfulness and meditation. Your place looks amazing and I hope you both are taking care. Think of you and send love daily.

    • I think of you all the time as well. How are things? it totally is rubbish not being always able to do physically what you mind wants to do. Sending you lots of love xx

  3. Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling so good. Didn’t you have chemo as that could be the cause of the heart arrhythmia??

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